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Here we go. This is my very first… attempt I should say, at blogging. I am guilty of writing this off as a past time for people who wrongly assume they have things to say worth hearing… or reading rather. However, I realize that in the industry I am so vigorously pursuing having a semi-successful blog is almost crucial and after little to no consideration I created one.

Here you will all be able to see me stumble through this process, probably very clumsily, and hopefully witness me get the hang of it one day. I will be blogging about fashions I deem worthy of blogging and of course updating you on treasures I dig up in this wonderful city, (NYC). Hopefully I will be posting outfits I’m proud of, and you will have the opportunity to love them or hate them… doesn’t that sound fun?

As for the title of my site. Folk&Fables:

Folk used as and adjective means having unknown origins and reflecting the traditional forms of society. If you know me you know I’m all about traditional. Folk describes the masses, something of the common people. Something accessible. As much as I dream of running a fashion empire and being able to afford $10,000 gowns, I think I will always be grounded in my southern roots and remain accessible. keeping fashion accessible… and classy always classy. Also I appreciate folk music, especially Iron&Wine, and it reminds me of loved ones.

Fables are timeless stories that teach us lessons as children and shape our lives. We forever reference them and keep learning as we get older. I appreciate the classic, traditional styles from the 20’s-50’s and they have shaped the fashion world completely. A classic is a classic for a reason. Designers learn from the styles of these eras and continually go back to them. Designers like Valentino never fail to capture a timeless design. I like to think of them as Fashion Fables that will never go out of style.

A long first post, I know. Forgive me, next time there will be pretty pictures for you too look at. Promise.