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I ventured to New Jersey today, to shop at Tommy Hilfiger outlet stores with the beloved,stylish Eric Brochard. We are both Tommy 5th Avenue associates and we desperately wanted a taste of those ridiculous discounts. But OMG, for the majority of the trip we were wondering if it was worth it. There are no sidewalks!! There are no buses!! And when we asked for directions to a store they claimed to be part of this outlet complex (that looked more like an industrial plant’s parking lot) they told use to go down past three lights, take a right then a left at the light …. as if we had a car. It was insanity. However, at the end of this almost hopeless trip, we found the clearance Tommy Hilfiger store and hit the jackpot. I purchased classic white wool shorts, two bowties, a black swanky silk dress with shoulder pads, and a red, short-sleeve cropped petticoat, all for $50. Seriously, amazing. After finding this treasure chest of discarded Tommy Collection pieces we found our way to a bus stop and asked a group of misfits if it was stopping at Secaucus Train Station, luckily it was. When it finally came and we realized you had to pay cash for these things and that they didn’t take train tickets or metro cards, we pretended to look for money in our bags for four stops until we got to Secaucus, where we just bolted off the bus. Manhattan was the goal, we couldn’t wait to get back to a world with public transportation and standard size city blocks!!! What an adventure.

New Post tomorrow morning, and great photos come this weekend! Pinky Promise. Happy St. Patty’s Day, better late than never. Good night all.