The semester is finally over. I can finally post again. I can finally have a day off.

So…it has been nearly a month since I have published a post. Slack, I know. However, in my defense finals projects, papers, and exams take precedence over my creative outlet. My grades are still pending but I’m confident my psycho over-work ethic payed off. But here’s what has been happening avec moi!

Promoted to Deputy Editor for W27 (my college newspaper)
Interning at Glamour Magazine for Summer 11
Interviewing for Fall internships with Harper’s Bazaar, French Vogue, and WWD
Gave up on dieting
Stopped using my credit card (hooray!!!)
Have revamped my dedication to the French language, and culture
(I need to be fluent stat! )

My fashion life:

Because of finals I wasn’t really shopping much, which was a great relief to my bank account and boyfriend. But now that school is over I rewarded my self with a few skirts that are great for summer and I can wear to my internship! I’m so excited to walk into the Conde Nast building everyday. Going up for my interview and passing Vogue, GQ, Teen Vogue, and Vanity Fair, Ahhh, it was heavenly. I will definitely keep you guys posted if I get to do anything awesome. Here are the new pieces I picked up to elevate my summer wardrobe. All of which are from Anthropologie of course :]

And my new shoes! from Tommy Hilfiger

I am so excited to wear all of them!! My Glamour internship starts this Thursday and I will be sure to take pictures of all the snazzy outfits I put together. As far as summer plans go, some family is visiting nyc this weekend, I’ll be visiting my girl VAL in CT, and hopefully I will be able to make my way to SC sometime before next semester. Any kids from SC who want to come up, (J.A, LouMar, Les, Kaybay,) seriously let me know!

WOOOHHHHH! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE. in celebration of this momentous event ( the ending of the worst semester ever!) the musical contribution this week is….

Happy Summer Everyone!
p.s ( subsequent posts will be more fashion focused. :] this one was a catch up/celebration)