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… Running wild and looking pretty

Summer has arrived and New York is heating up ( a little too much if you ask me). If you live here, I’m sure you can sympathize. Last week my boyfriend’s parents visited and I got to play tour guide which is always fun. And sometimes it takes tourists to show you how great this city is. With all the to-do lists I slave over, I sometimes forget how amazing New York is and how really really beautiful some parts are. Here are some photos of their visit complete with carriage ride in central park, Top of the Rock observation deck photos, and Brooklyn Bridge too. Patrick (my bf) and I had a wonderful time with them, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!!

Me and PQ also enjoyed our day off in our favorite place, Prospect Park. Turns out playing frisbee in 90 degree weather is really tiring, but the park was beautiful regardless. We ended up seeing Kung Fu Panda II, which was amazing! Then took refuge from the heat by relaxing in Barnes & Noble for a while.  Ahh, I live for days off :]


Check my super SUMMER OUTFITS that include the summer essentials:

The last couple weeks have been pretty perfect. And despite the rising temperatures, I am determined to explore the city this summer. I will keep you updated on any amazing discoveries and of course my snazzy Conde Nast internship at Glamour. Look out for next post… I may have been featured on Glamour’s blog. :] Today’s theme music… well it only makes sense,

…. sooo Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 15 anyone? :]