Style that certain something, that seamless interface between the self and the outside world. When it’s all of a piece, you notice, but what is style if it’s not only skin-deep? The dictionary defines style as a “manner of doing something,” and that something let’s agree is living.

Style begins with the people passing through one’s life, the harbingers we push against and the stylemakers we want to clone. Some are famous, some are not. Style grows from admiration, from longing, from discrimination-and, yes, from love. It’s all the places you’ve been to and the people and the moments you’ve known: the parts you’ve adopted, to keep forever, and transformed. We wear our history in our hearts and on our backs…

Style is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It isn’t today and it isn’t tomorrow’ it isn’t a dress or a car or a comment- it’s the cut of your sail as you cross this crazy, uncharted sea. Style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage.”

excerpts from my stylish life :

Milkshakes at Bill’s

Day at the Park with PQ and VAL

Day-cation in CT at Val’s. Pizza, Beer, Swimming Pool :]

Antique Elevator at Kate Spade building

Yoga in Bryant Park: I love my city

“If the creation of one’s style begins with aspiration, the maintenance relies on keeping in touch with old friends. You go to that same blouse or scent, that lipstick or heel, because in the past it served you and brought you to happy times”

                                      Lesley Smith: My perfect Frenchie

    Dana Marcus: Danimals, my first friend in NYC

                                                      Lindsey Lou: Seeing me off at the airport

                                                         Lou is the Halloween Queen

    JA: my SC hippie

                                               trips to the Zoo with JA: besties since 3rd grade

                                   Kristen J: funnest girl in NYC and my FIT soulmate

                                 Drama friends: I miss you and vandalizing McHugh’s house

Best friend of all: my sister, Kayleigh Vance