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In lieu of a long apology for neglecting my blog all summer, I will say that I took the time off to enjoy a little vacation. The kind of vacation where you still work and intern 6 days a week but you have one day where you can relax! :] For the past months I have continued working at Tommy Hilfiger on 5th Ave, interning at Glamour Magazine, and studying French.

However, a lot is about to change. I will begin working at Apple W 14th,(Sat-Tues), next week and I will also be ending my internship with Glamour magazine. I learned so much at Glamour and I seriously loved my boss but I’m excited to start a new internship ,(Thursdays and Fridays), at Antenna Magazine. It’s a smaller men’s fashion publication where I will be responsible for writing for the website. I will have the opportunity to cover fashion shows, press events, and interview industry professionals. It will be an amazing experience for an aspiring fashion writer like myself.

I am also getting super amped for Fall semester, I am one of those weirdos who really loves being in school. Starting Aug 29th I will be taking French conversation, Magazine Journalism, Internship class, and Field biology Mon-Thurs!! And even more exciting I will take my position as Deputy Editor of W27 newspaper. With the amazing senior staff we have, I know the paper is going to be a huge success! My schedule for this next semester is jam packed, but I keep reminding myself that it’s only for a few months and at the end of it, hopefully I will be studying in France for a semester!

Sorry I have kept you guys in the dark, but I’m happy to catch you up! To be honest, I feel a little rusty with my writing…. eeek! I’m sharing a few things today, some fall accessories I can’t wait for, Fendi‘s brilliant collection, and my nack for wasting time :]

Working at Glamour I have the privilege of getting a sneak peak at designer collections in the flesh. Which was frustrating at first because I didn’t realize that these pieces weren’t out yet, So I would go digging around online for shoes and bags that aren’t getting released until mid-september. Bummer! But here are some items I will wait for patiently and then snatch up as soon as they’re released!

DKNY Runway Booties

DKNY bootie

DKNY Fall bootie

dkny fall 2011a

DKNY Fall 11 (Gold toe booties!)

These stunning black booties with gold toe detail are reminiscent of these Chanel black wedge ankle booties from last year (that I was obsessed with), but cost a fraction of the price!

chanel gold bootie

Chanel Gold Toe bootie

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011
And though I will be leaving Tommy Hilfiger I’m still super excited for the women’s runway shoe collection. As if I don’t have enough loafer heels already, I need to add this pair to my collection! (They also come in green!) Check it out in this month’s People Style Watch


Fall 2011 Penny Loafer

But regrettably the RTW from Tommy failed to impress,

Tommy Hilfiger fall collection

Fall 2011 Tommy Hilfiger

… When did the Female Pimp trend become a thing? But you can’t hate them for trying something besides camel trench coats and cropped wool sweaters.

Tommy Hilfiger’s 5th Ave store is located right next to Fendi. So for over a year I have gazed at Fendi’s amazing window displays and dreamt of the day I will be able to afford even a scarf from that shop. This year’s fall collection is especially breath-taking.


Fall 2011 Fendi

Fall 2011 Fendi

Fall 2011 Fendi

Fall 2011 Fendi

Fall 2011 Fendi

Fall 2011 Fendi

I am going to try my hardest to replicate these looks with less costly designs. The ruffles, skirt lengths, and interesting color combination were inspired by an art teacher of the designer(Silvia Venturini Fendi) who always had her top buttoned to the neck but was wild enough to brush paint in her hair. I think the inspiration comes through perfectly!

And lastly, I think several posts ago I mentioned that I had purchased a Lanvin for H&M piece and I have yet to post any photos of this outrageous dress. Well one day many months ago on my day off, with a large to-do list ahead of me, I… played dress up :]


Lanvin Pour H&M

Lanvin Pour H&M
Lanvin Pour H&M

Lanvin Pour H&M

… I’m a goober:] I have yet to wear this dress in public, I am waiting for the right occasion. Perhaps when my sister visits me in a couple of weeks we will tear up NYC nightlife, and I will finally step out in this outrageous piece… We’ll see.


That’s all I’ve got for today, hopefully it’s enough to hold you over for another week :]
Be sure to check out Antenna Magazine.com and as always W27 newspaper, There’s a Deputy Editor profile on the W27 site found HERE, you can see all my hopes and dreams for the newspaper this year and what my Summer Essentials are :] I’ve missed you guys!
Musical Contribution Today…
Magnetic Fields 100,000 Fireflies. So good.