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I’m the worst. I drop all responsibility in NYC to move to France where I literally have 5 days of free time a week and I don’t post anything for  two months. My apologies; the only excuse I have is years of overdue laziness spilling out all at once. Also the south of France is breathtaking and I rarely spend time at home.

I am pleased to report that my French has improved considerably, but because my program is in English; not as much as I had hoped – I am just getting to the point where I can understand films (…sometimes) .   So far I have traveled to Cannes; Antibes, Monaco, Arles, Marseilles, and Rome, with Paris in May and soon Corsica, hopefully. Everyday the weather is amazing so we spend tons of time outdoors at the beaches and parks and riding bicycles. The idea of moving here with Patrick is becoming more and more serious the more I fall in love with France.

During Patrick’s visit in early March I was tickled that he took to France so quickly, it made it much easier to sell him on the idea of our future ventures. We visited surrounding cities, tons of museums, monuments, and ancient ruins! I couldn’t possibly catch you up on everything so I made a short video to try and capture my life here. ENJOY!!

As you can tell those last few images are not actually in France but in Rome, Italy. …And yes I jumped in the fountain at Piazza Navona with crazy Kristen. We were then asked to get out by a policeman. Totally worth it.

As for the fashion, here’s a recap!

I was so thrilled to get this entire outfit for 55 Euros at H&M.

I found this amazing boutique in Vieille Ville, Les Mistinguettes. Every adorable dress I tried on fit perfectly and luckily my darling Patrick was feeling generous enough to buy the whole lot. This one has sweet little umbrellas and bows all over!

Dress: Les Mistinguettes, Scarf: New York City Vendor

Dress: Naf Naf, Jacket: Zara (Cannes), Satchel: H&M

Dress: Les Mistinguettes, Belt: H&M, Bag: Tommy

Zara, Nice

Dress: Zara, Boots: Anthropologie, Earrings: Frank Herval

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Shorts: Thrift, Necklace: Gift from Grandma :]

The weather here has permitted me to dress for fall which is perfect for my wardrobe of long dresses and skirts and the sun keeps my spring collection in check as well. The fashion I have seen so far is …. well, not impressive. I think of anyone in Nice, my French Culture professor has the most style. Shops like 1-2-3, WEILL, and the small boutiques give me hope though. I also have high expectations for Paris – both scoping and shopping- I seriously, unlike my wallet, cannot wait. I have to be on my best behavior and save save save so that I can shop until my heart’s content in Paris.

I am so excited for my next (and sadly last) 2 months in Nice. While I miss New York, my cozy Brooklyn apartment, and all my friends, France feels more like home now. I am, however, going to start spending my free time more wisely, and stop being so Le Lazy. I recently started cycling and jogging in the mornings, snagged a library card today, and if everything goes according to plan my utterly British friend Jessica will teach me to knit while the amazing Colombian, Angela will teach me to cook with spice! One of the best things about studying abroad is meeting people from all over the world. I feel so lucky.

Until next time!

A French cliché

(Thanks Jessi!  I stole it a little bit! )