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Recently I have been spoiled with the amazing culinary skills of my friends Angela and Jessica. Every day it’s fajitas,  pasta carbonara, or rosemary potatoes or made from scratch brownies. I just eat delicious italian-spanish- british inspired home cooked meals all the time. I fear I can never return to my diet of cheap fast food in New York. 

In any case, I decided to make a very American breakfast-for-dinner meal for the girls and flex my domestic muscles – by making pancakes. Just about the easiest thing in the book. But in my defense they are an amazing contrast to their French counterpart, the crepe – which I am not particularly fond of. Next time it will be a real Paula Deen, southern meal – maybe baked mac and cheese, cornbread, and dare I say – fried chicken? We will see.



I think they liked them :] 

A litte Easter Fashion

A throwback to the love I left in New York – bowties


 These springy sweets are from Forage

Next post should be littered with Easter inspired crafts and  French things

A tout a l’heure!!