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Well spring sprung. And April showers just kind of brought more showers. Metaphorically speaking mostly, but in my defense it has rained a bit. Kicked off my good fortune by falling off my velobleu bike on the tram tracks while trying to get away from a guy on bicycle-hot pursuit trying to snatch my purse. (Once I fell, laying there in the street, he rode over my bicycle!) Turns out, post-fall and embarrassment I had a huge sprained wrist as a souvenir.

bad week

However, I was super jazzed to have narrowly escaped creepy-bike-guy and his thieving ways. I really shouldn’t have spoken so soon. That weekend I got robbed on the train. ever-y-thing gone! Thanks to some good Samaritans and some even better friends I had help filing police reports in french and recovering my entire American identity from across the ocean.

Huge sigh of relief for a wrist returning to normal size and color and a new wallet in my bag. But then! …Everything I had lined up for nyc this summer, just fell apart. The sighs of relief became deep breaths, which quickly turned into short, rapid breaths – you might call hyperventilating. Not dwelling too long, I began emailing all the lifelines I had in New York who could help. Only to find an empty inbox at the end of the week..

What do you do?


for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, craft supplies, antiques, anything.

Anésidora: Knick Knack Shop



Old Town Leather Shop
old nice leather
 best leather goods
Splurged on this open back jumpsuit. I own nothing like it and never dreamed I could pull it off.                                     Upside of the downside? Being a tad adventurous.
 something different
Now this place deserves an introduction. It is a perfectly organized yet cutely cluttered craft shop. A beautifully painted, colorful refuge for the downtrodden (craft enthusiast). It is quite expensive, but I would just pop in and look around and buy a bit of ribbon here and there. One day, when I own my dream bakery/craft workshop hybrid it will probably be somewhat inspired by La Droguerie.
lovely jars
a little nice treasure
Favorite little boutique in Nice. Super pricey but super worth it.
I will miss it!
I need to be dragged away from this shop.
My room is cluttered with their shopping bags and my bank account is pretty severely bruised.
For lifting the spirits:
I never paint my nails any color besides simple dark reds and on special girly occasions, pink.                                          Recently I have turned to colorful nail polish and clothing for mood boosters!
And a few days later – switched it up to sparkling orange!
celebrating spring, prepping for fall!
 Nice Antique Market: Heaven
So all in all it’s been a tough few weeks. But all my new purchases keep my mind occupied for an afternoon. Plus spending the evenings with brownies and Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda has also really helped.
Perhaps venturing to new color palettes isn’t the only upside to the downside – hopefully wardrobe bravery will bleed into my personality and push me to keep reaching out to people and applying and writing and calling until something comes up!
On the much much brighter side, I’m flying to Paris tomorrow!
For 5 days I will forget about the loss of id’s, credit cards, euros, jobs, wallets, and opportunities and prance around the most magical, romantic city in the world toting baguettes, berets, and a much stronger backbone.