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So, I said so long to France last Saturday and have been making up for lost time with my beloved Brooklyn.

Being unemployed and all, I’ve had lots of time to myself and today was no different.

And it was truly a Brooklyn-kind-of-day.

Started at the Brooklyn Flea

Oh, how I missed good vintage shopping – at a decent price!! I brought a set amount of cash so I wouldn’t spend one cent more. I picked up some adorable fabric with crafty potential, a vintage suitcase for stylish storage and stacking, and amazing old box purse with beading. All for $35, not too shabby.

Afterwards I headed to the hardware store to pick up some paint swatches. I am planning on painting my headboard and bookshelves. I figure since I’m going to be spending a lot of time at home for a while, I should at least be working on improving it.

I just can’t decide on the colors!

I also picked up a bunch of flower seeds. Can’t wait to see my window sills and fire escape decorated with Asters, Fox Glove, Canterbury Bells, wild flowers, and Zinnias.

Afterwards, I did what any respectable Brooklynite would do on such a day – went to prospect park.

With my tote bag full of Country Living magazines, green vintage suitcase, and snacks, I found a little plot in the sun on which to plop myself and watch the little league games.

My suitcase, fabric, vintage pocketbook, magazines, and seeds!

 I forgot to mention that I started my internship with Country Living this past week and have been enjoying it tremendously! It’s such a great publication with beautiful interior decorating ideas, down-home recipes, and honest, old-fashioned advice for living well. I feel so proud to be even the tiniest part of that!

After relaxing for a bit at the park and meeting an adorable toddler named Olivia and her Australian mom ( I didn’t realize how much I missed chance encounters with good people! , )  I packed up all my new goodies and about 6 tagged and marked up Country Living magazines and headed home.

An excellent day.