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So… I am still unemployed – kind of. Technically I am sole proprietor of ‘Samantha Vance’ and am registered as such with the U.S Government, because ladies and gentleman I am officially a FREELANCE WRITER! One who gets paid to write, not just begs  for assignments- but who still does a lot of begging.


My amazing editors at Time Out New York hooked me up with some articles and I will let you know dates soon enough! To celebrate my minor victory Patty and I took to Williamsburg to enjoy the Renegade Craft Fair, fake grass, thrift stores, and the snazziest little theater in town – (after selling $60 worth of clothes to fund the days events obviously )


Being silly in the Renegade photo booth!

New York city

These are stuffed toys! the banjo’s price tag read “1 schmillion dollars”

After moseying around the fair a while, getting sunburned and munching on Buttermilk Channel’s Fried Chicken and Cheddar Waffles ( yeah… ) we trekked up to Bedford in search of more fun. We stumbled upon Dijital Fix, the snazziest little sound boutique! Creative vintage suitcases turned record players, globes, stationary, and knick knacks galore!

Then walked up to Vice Versa thrift store where I found the most amazing little “Mad Men” skirt and blouse for a whopping $15 total.

Faux Park – sod in the streets for brooklynites to kick back on.

We stopped and grabbed ice-cream and then found our way to NiteHawk cinemas!

cute community garden outside the theatre.

Nitehawk is really awesome because it’s a dinner theatre. You arrive 30 minutes early order food at your table in the theatre and watch a customized pre-show. During the show when you need a refill or snack you just write it down and flag it on your table. It was super adorable! We saw ‘Safety Not Guaranteed‘ and thoroughly enjoyed it – probably one of my favorites for the year.

Ended the day with a stop at Whisk, a charming kitchen and housewares shop.

From the outside Williamsburg is a cliché that became synonymous with the over-used word ‘hipster’ a long time ago. But when we make the hike out there and get the chance to walk around  I find myself just wishing I could afford to live there. The shops, restaurants, flea markets, thrift stores and bakeries are out of this world – totally worth any silly label that comes with the territory.

Went and saw this great band Sun Hotel ( and Young Jesus) the other night! Check them out!!