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While John Galliano left a lasting impression at Dior, his replacement Raf Simons is receiving glowing reviews of his Dior Debut for the fashion house. Many thought Simons would never live up to the legacy left by Galliano but I think the arrival of his Fall Couture collection has made those worries evaporate. Check out the Fall Couture comparisons below and decide for yourself!

Met with rave reviews and praise, Galliano’s last Fall couture collection with Dior found below. (2010) Inspired by vibrant flowers and nature. 

folk&fables - Dior Gallianofolk&fables - Dior- Galliano

Raf Simons’ collection-slightly more practical-brings back the lady-like and feminine to couture and alludes to the earlier collections Christian Dior worked on himself.

“In almost every one of the 54 outfits, in almost every detail, Mr. Simons made a connection to the first decade of the house, when Dior himself was at work. He then put those ideas—among them an architectural purity in construction, a preference for pockets, a sense of femininity but also ease—through his own filter.” – Cathy Horyn

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

“Thought the show was just very next level Dior. New and exciting. Like all things Raf.” – L’Wren Scott

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

“gorgeous, modern, luxurious.” – Peter Som

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

 ” [I] thought it was really beautiful. And my expectations are always very high.” – Grace Coddington

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

“Raf Simons did a superb Dior show! Very Dior! Another talented Belgian!” – Diane Von Furstenberg

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

“Isn’t this amazing?” – Anna Wintour

folk&fables - Dior - Raf Simon

My last word? Galliano has got an amazing creative mind and an uncanny ability with themes and textures while Simons’ got the elegance of practicality and poise. Both couture masterminds! There will never be another John Galliano.

But Raf Simons is without question the new Dior Lord.