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I didn’t get to all the large home decor projects I hoped this summer but I did get to add little elements of country charm around the house. Obviously my internship is influencing my little design agenda but I think it’s pretty obvious I’ve always favored  the cozy country feel.

Darling Details! folk & fables$5 cork board from Ikea with scrapbook tools, knitting projects, and a typewriter letter from a grateful Country Living reader giving me his mother’s nut bread recipe.

Darling Details! folk & fablesHobby Hangout. My collection of CL magazines, knitting necessities and books.

Darling Details! folk & fablesPatty’s guitar display

Darling Details! folk & fablesstacked flea market suitcases hold my winter clothes

Darling Details! folk & fablesBrooklyn flea vintage container keep our mail from taking over the table

Darling Details! folk & fables$6 pitcher from Michael’s and $3 jars & bottles from Ikea dress up our record player

Darling Details! folk & fablesI’ve been wanting to finish this book since I read excerpts in 10th grade. Hope it happens before senior year starts.

Since I’ve got a job now I can finally start rethinking my bedroom. I gave up my dresser and I plan on replacing it with a decorative clothing rack and shoe shelves!

Darling Details! folk & fablesDarling Details! folk & fablesWe’re ditching the clutter collecting desk for this organizer.

Darling Details! folk & fablesAnd for a little touch of classy fem charm, a dress form for my nicer garments.

Darling Details! folk & fablesI’m hoping to have it all set up before September. I’m so excited! It’s time for this apartment to have a little makeover, it’s just happening a little more gradually than I expected. We’re also planning on a little morale makeover for the house too.

By adding a fluffy critter!!! Trying to find one from a shelter but we can’t decide on kittens or puppies. This breed or that breed?

For kittens we’ve narrowed it down to

Persians andDarling Details! folk & fablesExotic Shorthairs

Darling Details! folk & fablesAnd for pups, Shih Tzus

Darling Details! folk & fablesand maltipoos!

Darling Details! folk & fablesIf you have any tips or suggestions on breeds or raising pets in NYC I’d be glad to hear them! We are so excited to add a cute little fur ball to our home.